Domain Notebook

We make Finding Domains Fun!

Domain Notebook helps its clients find quality web traffic at an affordable price. Find a $10 domain name that can deliver over 2000 clicks a year. That’s a cost of half a cent per click!

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Dibz App

Dibz is a free way to share your experiences instantly with friends and within groups that you create.

Post photos and videos on your timeline sharing them momentarily or permanently with the groups you choose.

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i Click Tracking Sofware

The Real-time Click Tracking Solution for Everyone!

iClick is a simple, easy to use click and conversion tracker. Create projects and add links for campaigns you want to track. Our system will create a unique tracking link that you can then use anywhere to track clicks, conversion and keywords.

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Typo Assassin

Typo Assassin is a web service that lets online business owners with affiliate programs sleep easy at night, knowing their profits are protected from typo domain thieves.

If you are worried about how typo domainers could be costing you and your brand, then run a search to find out who could be profiting from your brand name.

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