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Jason Stanley

Jason knows the Web.

In 1996 I developed my first website for a painting business a friend and I started in college. After building that first site I was in love with web design, development.

Over the years I have acquired skills in graphic design, php developing, SEO marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, domaining, eCommerce, blogging and pretty much anything else related to building a successful online presence. I have had many successful business ventures and continue to work with many businesses offering web based consulting services.

Currently I have a number of web related business that I manage and I am always looking for new business ventures to start or help support.

I always look forward to making new connections so if you have new ideas, suggestions and creative strategies feel free to contact me.

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The Future of Internet Security

On April 7th 2014 the Heartbleed Bug was made public creating more safety concerns about the security of storing sensitive and personal data on the Internet. The Heartbleed Bug is a security breach in OpenSSL (the Secure part of the Internet that keeps personal data safe) which allows sensitive personal information pass from secure websites to the attackers in little information pulses. The pulses were undetectable by companies, agencies and security companies hence giving the bug the name Heartbleed Bug. Most OpenSSL versions have been updated to patch the breach however it is still important to update your password on every online site you use and take the security breach very seriously. With the number of major online security breaches increasing every year we should really start asking ourselves how secure is the Internet? The Internet is not going away and security breaches are always going to be an issue. Secure websites are created by developers and developers are human, humans make mistakes so we will never be free of security issues. It is very likely in the future more major security breaches will occur that will make a global impact on how we as online consumers, credit card holders, online bankers and technologically driven society are able to survive in a digital world. It is extremely scary how much of our very personal and private information is stored online. What can we do to protect ourselves! It is definite time to take inventory of the online sites you store personal data on. Try to reduce the number of places you store information such as social security numbers, credit...

Build a Responsive Website with Bootstrap

Tablets and mobile devices have reinvented the World Wide Web, as we know it. We can now browse sites anywhere in the world faster, more efficiently and from a plethora of devices from a sleek and stylish desktop to a mobile phone smaller than a deck of cards. With the web interface dramatically changing and the end user rapidly transitioning from browsing on the Internet from their stationary and immobile desktop computer to spending more time eyeballing the web through their mobile device designers and developers are finding it challenging to build sites for all end users. The big question we need to be asking ourselves: How do I build a universal website that looks good and is functional across all devices and browsers? This is a big question and all businesses and individuals with a website need to start focusing on how they can adapt to the movement from desktop browsing to mobile browsing. However before you panic a wonderful solution was developed from some very smart developers at Twitter with an amazing framework called Bootstrap that can help you rebuild your website so it looks good and is functional across the majority of browsers and devices. For those of us designers and developers Bootstrap is actually very simple to use. I personally think it makes building great websites easier while developing a responsive based website. What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is an open source front-end framework to building websites in a responsive way that allows you  to save time and money building consistent, easy to manage and extremely functional websites that work across the majority of web platforms....

The Hashtags Redefined Powerful Role

Hashtags are a common social media character that has been invigirated causing ┬ásome to love it, hate it and other fear it. With the dawn of the new social media age the four crisscrossing lines no longer represent just a phone number. The hashtag has mutated into something much more powerful. Its more powerful than all other special characters causing jelousy from other including the email driven @ symbol. With the newly defined power of the hashtag Search Engine Watch shares a great article about the new role the special character plays in the new social media world. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search – Search Engine … Hashtags can be extremely powerful. When you optimize conversations, content, and updates with hashtags, they become more visible to others on social media platforms and search engines. Here’s how you can...