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Happy go lucky lover of mankind

Jason Stanley

What do I do?

In 2001 I created Stohn with the intention of using the site as my hub for my freelance web design business.

Shortly after creating my business I jumped into a new online marketing business so my plans as a freelancer were placed on hold. Stohn has had a number of face lifts from a freelance site, tracking software, domaining biz and now I have settled down and turned it into a web marketing blog where I can share my 15 years of online experience and my current online ventures.

Over the years I have acquired skills in graphic design, php developing, SEO marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, domaining, eCommerce, blogging and pretty much anything else related to building a successful online presence. I have had many successful business ventures and even more failures however without my many failures I would have never had any success.

Currently I spend my days consulting for a popular online affiliate network and managing my two sites TypoAssassin.com and iClickTracks.com.

I always look forward to making new connections so if you have new ideas, suggestions and creative strategies feel free to contact me.

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